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who I am

i didn’t have my own camera as a kid.  i wasn’t on yearbook, nor did i take photography in high school. nearly a dozen years ago, when i found my passion in film photography, it was like finding a piece of myself i hadn’t yet met. studying  light, composing what moved me in a moment, the heady anticipation, watching a perfect print come to life in the darkroom. i had found my calling. it is an extension of who i am, and how i see the world.  now i can hardly remember a time when i didn’t have my camera as an appendage; the comfortable weight of it swinging from my neck, promising not to miss a moment.

once i realized that the annoying parental cliche “they grow so quickly” was entirely founded, i relied on my photography to remind me what my oldest son looked like when he laughed out loud at 3,  or how the baby’s lips pooched out when he slept. i became desperately dependent on telling our story through photographs, on capturing every vignette in life i wanted to remember. i am now fully passionate about documenting all the beauty that is this crazy life.

that my passion doubles as my job is just the sweetest happenstance ever. And i am excited to tell your story too!

what my friends think you should know about me:

amy is : GENUINE


she sees beauty so deeply that you feel it physically
she values connection between people… and animals
her soul is fed by art, beauty, love, & friendship
she has a gift of making people feel special
she is mama of 2 of the sweetest, mostly gorgeously sensitive young boys on the planet
she finds joy in forging new paths and not following the pack
an amazingly empathetic listener
she gives the best hugs EVER!!!!!

Emerson’s insistence, “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not”  may be the secret to Amy’s photography.

This is what Amy brings to her art; the ability to carry beauty, always, and to exquisitely blend it with that which lies beyond her lens.

I have stood an arm’s length away and gawked at the subjects she shoots, only to be enchanted as I see them more fully and with more awe once her prints have dried. She captures the truth in all its own glory, but she adds to it a beauty that quietly sneaks out of her every pore. This is pure magic.

On Amy McMullen and anything she does:

I’ve seen Amy’s beautiful photography and I’ve read her captivating words too. And it doesn’t surprise me at all that her creative work intrigues me.

Amy’s work is rich in that the depth of her creativity is tangible. She approaches her creative work in with a strong sense of playfulness and humor but also with a dedication to observing what is real and good about the people, the process and about the life itself.  Amy approaches her work in the the same way she does her own life – with presence and with a truly vulnerable and open heart. I find that to be particularly rare in these moderns times.

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